This is an Autorig script for Biped characters which i made during my studies at The Game Assembly in 2013-2014.
Download: Troglo Autorig 1.0

 -rig symetrical or asymetrical characters in any pose.
 -able to create both digitigrade and plantigrade legs.
 -save/load joinPlacement option.
 -simple proxymesh option.
 -IK/FK switchable Arms and legs.
 -Fully Scalable.
 -written in python, compatible with Maya 2011 - 2014.

Models in the clip are made by Beatrice Harty and Caroline Wallberg

About the project:
My Initial Idea was to make a script to speed up the process of getting biped characters into the game engine (made by Troglobyte) fast.
I started out making it as a tool for myself, but wanted to make it more user friendly.
So I gave the tool to my game artist collegues and by observing their workflow, i was able to make changes to the Ui, and setup, to make it more foolproof and userfriendly to work with.

Dev info:
10 week production(half time)